All of Us Research Program–National Institutes of Health

Transforming the Future of our Country’s Health by Honoring Diversity

The National Institutes of Health created theAll of UsResearch Program to build a movement around individualized healthcare, accelerating research and medical breakthroughs to build a healthier nation. Participants shared information about their health, habits, and what it’s like where they live. By identifying patterns, researchers learned more about the factors that affect people’s health and target medical research in response. Public outreach efforts sought to gain the trust of Latinos from various socio-economic backgrounds and encourage their participation. Strategies included collaborating with key national Hispanic organizations, lining up Latino spokespersons to put a face on the study, and engaging online influencers. Results hadstories in all Spanish-language daily newspapers across the country, online support from Hispanic lifestyle and mom bloggers, and TV broadcast coverage in key Hispanic markets.